Taking a trip back in time isnt easy, and the code became such a mess its hard to figure out where to start. I figured I would start with the last clean code base before the openlibraries were split out which was 1.9a9. So I headed over to Sourceforge and grabbed the tarball here


I am building on Fedora Core 19 just to see how well 10 year old code stands up on a modern linux desktop, after all this code was released on November 25th, 2004!

The dependencies are minimum and are all available via the default fedora yum repo which is good news. This is what I had to install:

yum groupinstall "X Software Development"
yum install qt3 qt3-devel qt3-sqlite
yum install freeglut-devel freetype-devel glew-devel
yum install avifile << this wasnt available, will try to find it later via a 3rd party repo

Then I un-tar'd the source and turned off everything 'special' in the jahshaka.pro file to minimize issues (such as avi support, etc) and did a

qmake; make

Suprise, I was able to get 1/2 way through the build process with minor errors! Not bad. Spent a hour patching all the issues, most of which were just forward compatibility due to a newer Qt (3.3 vs 3.1) and header issues due to a more current version of gcc and got a working app.


Think I will move all this over to github now and preserve this release for memory sake before jumping over to 2.0!

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