Jahshaka Studio

Jahshaka brings you the future of immersive digital content creation! In Jahshaka Studio, you’ll find a creative toolset that integrates VR at a fundamental level, from real-time scene creation to a rich 3D toolset, so you can harness the power you need without the headache.

Studio offers an end-to-end workflow with modules for animation, effects, scene and asset management, previews, playback, materials and avatars. Build virtual worlds, manage the elements that make them up, and easily create mind blowing effects to bring them to life

The power to create

Jahshaka gives you the power to create virtual worlds in a environment that’s both powerful and easy to use, with built in publishing and sharing.

Work both inside and outside of virtual space, for truly interactive scene building

Fully cross platform, with support for Windows, Mac & Linux

Powered by Soulbank

Our virtual recreations are hosted on Soulbank, the leading source of virtual art, history and culture today. Find out more at www.soulbank.com 

Building Virtual Worlds

The freedom to create content on your system of your choice, and the ability to easily publish both online and offline.

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