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Welcome to Jahshaka, start creating immersive virtual reality scenes and interactive content using Jahshaka 3.0 which you can download from the link below.

Download the Jahshaka 3.0 Beta

Jahshaka 3.0 is in beta now! We only have builds for windows 10 however the source will build on OsX and Linux as well and we will have binaries shortly.

Download Jahshaka 2.0

Jahshaka 2.0 is our legacy code base and runs on Windows XP, Vista 7 and 8, Linux and older macs. Over 3 million downloads a counting!

Bugs and problems


You can easily report bugs and problems that you have found using Jahshaka VR by heading to our GitHub page and post them as issues.

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Please come over and visit our community on Facebook or at Reddit and help to get Jahshaka VR up and running.

Visit JahFX for Free Downloads

Visit JahFX for Free Downloads