Jahshaka Studio

In Jahshaka Studio, you’ll find a creative toolset that integrates VR at a fundamental level, from real-time scene creation to a rich 3D toolset, so you can harness the power you need without the headache.

Jahshaka Player

Jahshaka Player is a powerful standalone VR playback tool that lets you bring your virtual creations directly into the hands of your audience.

Jahshaka Miner

Jahshaka’s Miner in its first revision is currently set to mine the Monero digital currency on AMD and NVidia cards, running the stand alone application on windows boxes

Linux Support

Building On Linux

Build Jahshaka Studio, Player and Miner on the leading Linux desktop operating systems. Find out more here!

Legacy Downloads

Jahshaka V2

Looking for the older Jahshaka V2 video editing suit ? Follow the link here to download and install it. Note that it is no longer supported.

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