Jahshaka Worlds

Jahshaka Worlds is a fully interactive virtual world hosting engine. It allows you to host multiple scenes online, connected by portals that users can use to easily move from location to location. The Jahshaka World engine provides all the underlying functionality that you need to host your own worlds can cater to your users virtual needs.   

Virtual Worlds

Jahshaka worlds MMORPG engine can track and manage multiple users in 3D virtual space, keep track of their assets, enable them with full 3D interaction and communication, and more.

World manager so you can stuitch multiple scenes togeather into one seamless environment

True 4D MMORPG engine with collision detection and LOD

Powered by Soulbank

Our virtual recreations are hosted on Soulbank, the leading source of virtual art, history and culture today. Find out more at www.soulbank.com 

Building Virtual Worlds

The freedom to create content on your system of your choice, and the ability to easily publish both online and offline.

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