Jahshaka Player

Jahshaka brings you the future of immersive digital content distribution! Jahshaka Player is a powerful standalone VR playback tool that lets you bring your virtual creations directly into the hands of your audience.

Jahshaka Player is built to be small, light and easy to distribute. It features desktop support, as well as online integration with JahFX and Jahshaka Worlds so you can distribute your content either directly or over the internet privately or publicly.

The power to explore

With Jahshaka Player you can easily distribute your virtual creations across a wide variety of devices, from PC’s to Mobile

True physics based collision detection as you explore virtual space

Virtual hands so you can interact with your scenes and content

Powered by Soulbank

Our virtual recreations are hosted on Soulbank, the leading source of virtual art, history and culture today. Find out more at www.soulbank.com 

Building Virtual Worlds

The freedom to create content on your system of your choice, and the ability to easily publish both online and offline.

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