Jahshaka Development

Jahshaka is open-source software and we are always looking for developers to join the team. You can easily fork us on GitHub and play around with our code or visit us on our Slack channel to speak about coding. Before you start you will probably want to take a look at our Trello board to see where we are at and whats in the pipeline.

Jahshaka uses the IrisGL 3d engine which was built by our team in the effort to create a 3D engine that was geared towards VR from the ground up. It removes the need of spending tireless hours learning graphics programming concepts and allows you to make beautiful scenes effortlessly.


Our roadmap is available online at Trello here


Find us on GirHub at

Find out more about IrisGL at


You can find us on Facebook at

We are on Reddit at

Join our slack using this simple app

Fork Us on GitHub

There are many ways you can support Jahshaka, the main thing is to just get involved. You can fork us on GitHub and start helping out by forking Jahshaka on GitHub

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