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Jahshaka 0.6.0 Alpha Release

The industry leading VR authoring toolkit, Jahshaka, has released version 0.6.0 alpha which includes a major overhaul of its asset and material frameworks. It sets a solid foundation for the way we store and share models moving ahead, and brings support for a wide...

HTC Vive Pro premium VR arrives April 5 for $799

How much would you pay for high-end VR? HTC is betting $799. (UK and AU prices aren't available yet, but the equivalent is roughly AU$1,040 or £575 converted.) But there's a catch: This time, that's only for part of the package. The HTC Vive Pro, a new PC-connected VR...

Jahshaka 0.5.0 Alpha Release

The Jahshaka development team has been hard at work on the Jahshaka 0.5.0 Alpha Release and its now available for download. In addition to a major code cleanup, we have updated the player, editor and world manager with new features, added an asset module and launched...

Our New Virtual Reality Rig

The Jahshaka team has a new toy and we are excited to share it with you! We have assembled our own Virtual Reality (VR) Rig to aid with Jahshaka development. Not only is it really cool to look at but, it provides the extremely high-performance speed needed to run Jahshaka effectively.

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