The industry leading open source VR authoring toolkit, Jahshaka, has released version 0.7.3 alpha for windows, OsX and Linux. This release is the final in the 0.7 branch and builds on the new foundation laid out in 0.6.0 for powerful dynamic assets and materials. It also introduces a physics engine, standalone player and integrated crypto-currency mining.

As a part of this release we have updated the branding for Jahshaka, to allow for the new apps that make up the ecosystem. Jahshaka is now Jahshaka Studio and is targeted at professionals and VR content creators. The standalone player is Jahshaka Player and will be targeted at consumers and explorers, and the miner is Jahshaka Miner.

Download Jahshaka

You can download Jahshaka for both Windows and OsX via the links below.

Jahshaka 0.7.3 Alpha for Windows
Jahshaka 0.7.3 Alpha for OsX

You can build Jahshaka from source on the latest Linux operating systems or fork Jahshaka and contribute at our GitHub page here.

Jahshaka Studio

The 0.7 branch includes some very cool functionality, one of which is full integration of the Bullet physics engine. There is a physics sample scene that you can play with under the sample scenes on the desktop.

We also have support for much more advanced shaders, and the 0.8.0 build will include a fully functional node based module for creating your own cross platform shaders. This will allow you to bring much more realism to your virtual scenes.

We also have a ton of bug fixes, stability, increased speed and functionality in the VR engine and seamless cross platform support for scenes and projects – so you can design in linux or OsX and then preview in VR on the Oculus on a windows PC.

Jahshaka Player

As part of this release we have also released our first draft of a stand alone player, Jahshaka Player. The player will allow people to easily access and view VR scenes that are uploaded to the JahFX website so people can explore and appreciate your work.

You can try the player out for Windows and OsX here

We are now rebuilding the player from the ground up for the 0.8 release to be more consumer oriented, and to have full integration with JahFX ( This will allow you to publish scenes to our online library so people can sync them to the player and view offline.

Jahshaka Miner

As part of 0.7 we have integrated a fully functional crypto miner based on Xmr-stak. It is currently only available in the windows build, but is cross platform and will be added to linux and osx in the 0.8 release.

The miner auto detects both NVidia and AMD graphics cards, and allows you to easily mine Monero using Jahshaka Studio or via the stand alone Jahshaka Miner client so you can make money while you are not working!

What’s in store for the future?

The most exciting thing in the upcoming 0.8 release will be the new Effects and Materials module. This will be a fully node based module for creating shaders and effects that you can use to bring your VR worlds to life. We will be doing a lot more work on the new consumer player, and plan to overhaul our VR support as a part of this.

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