We have been putting a lot of work into the next release in order make it the best pre-release to date! The main functionality is our new Desktop which allows you to easily manage your Virtual worlds, view them in Player mode or work on the in Edit mode.

The new Desktop uses visual tiles to manage your virtual worlds for easy access, and will also allow you to sync your worlds to the JahFX online service, which will be up and running in time for the final release. JahFX will let you publish and share your creations online with other users which will be very cool.

You will also see our new Player mode, built to be accessed from the Desktop it will give you a easy way to experience your worlds just as other users will see them – in playback mode. Its integration into the Desktop also gives you a easy way to flip through your creations.

The Editor has seen a lot of improvements, most of which are under the interface at the code level – starting with moving everything into a single SQlite database to easily manage projects and assets. The Asset manager has also been updated and numerous bugs have been fixed and a few features have been implemented.

Stay tune for the release – should be by the end of next week at the latest, we will give you a full list of whats been done when it goes out.

The Jahshaka Team

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