Need to edit videos on your Android phone or tablet? Look no further. These five apps represent the best options available on the platform today.

For a platform with more than a million apps, it sure is difficult to find a decent video editor on Android.

Ask most Android enthusiasts and they’ll tell you the same thing: Video editing is an area of surprising weakness in the Android app ecosystem. There are plenty of utilities out there, but most of them range from “meh” to “terrible.”

At one point, Google itself seemed poised to fill the void: The company released its own native Android video editor, Movie Studio, with the launch of its Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform in 2011. But the app was almost immediately abandoned and is no longer even being shipped with new devices.

To be fair, Google’s native Android Gallery app does let you perform basic video trimming, and the company’s Google+-connected Photos app has a tool for adding music and premade themes to clips you’ve captured — but lots of people need something more robust.

That’s why we decided to dig in deep to the Google Play Store and come up with five solid options for editing videos on Android. One of them is actually quite polished and well-rounded, while the others offer more limited functionality with their own sets of perks.

Read on — and find out once and for all which Android video editor is right for you.

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