After a full week of surprises and sustained PlayStation VR announcements during Paris Games Week, seems we’re not done yet. Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Planet, have confirmed that their forthcoming game ‘Dreams‘ is to receive PlayStation VR support.

Media Molecule, the off beat development studio who made a name for themselves with the smash hit Little Big Planet which first appeared on the PlayStation 3 has confirmed that it’s much anticipated new IP Dreams, coming to PlayStation 4 next year will find its place on the forthcoming PlayStation VR platform.


In a tweet from Media Molecule Director and co-founder Alex Evans, he states excitedly ‘VR CONFIRMED’ in response to persistent rumblings that the title may go immersive.

Dreams is a title which promises to let players explore their sleeping subconscious and during Paris Games Week this week, some new details emerged about the mysterious title. Speaking to WIRED UK, Evans stated that “Dreams is very hard to describe, because it is evolving, a mashup of personalities”, and on the fresh demo’s being exhibited this week “The levels we’re showing are an expression of what we were thinking about in our studio of 30 or 40 people. But once it’s a beta trial of millions, hopefully, we will be able to have a massive variety.”

The title is seemingly tailor made for virtual reality, with surreal dreamscapes perfect for an immersive medium built for psychological immersion. Players will have the chance to craft their own dreams (and presumably nightmares) using sculpting tools which sound like a logical evolution of the sandbox ‘built it yourself’ ethos of the LBP titles.

Dreams is due to hit beta some time in 2016, although no details either on PlayStation VR support or when we can expect a full release are as yet forthcoming. PlayStation VR will launch in Q2 2016.


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