This is the third public release of Jahshaka VR and as our IrisGL engine is stabilizing we are now starting to add core features and functionality. We have also started to clean up the UI as we prepare for proper animation support in our next release.

You can download the release from our GitHub here

New to this release are:

Editor and UI updates:

  • The look and feel of the ui has been improved
  • The ui scales properly with respect to the screen’s pixel density
  • Added reset button for object transformations
  • Added new skybox presets
  • Mesh’s source is now shown in the Properties widget
  • Added another material type that supports reflections and refractions
  • Moved transformation, camera and vr buttons into a toolbar
  • Added Plane object

IrisGL Engine:

  • Added particle system
  • Switched skies to use cubemaps instead of equirectangular textures
  • Empty SceneNodes are supported
  • Two-sided rendering for meshes is now supported


  • Added Support for oculus touch
  • You can now move around in vr mode using the left touch controller or the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • You can grab and move objects around using the left touch controller
  • The size of the viewer can be scaled
  • The viewer can be animated and parented to other objects
  • Engine switched to VR mode automatically when the headset is mounted


  • Added OSX support
  • Added better support for high dpi displays

We are now hard at work on the 4th release, please fork our GitHub and join the team!

The Jahshaka Team

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