Just a update to say that we have been working on getting everything in place that we need to re-launch the project successfully and its taken a bit longer than expected (but not that much longer) as it is a pretty large undertaking. Some of you may have understood that as re-releasing the software but that is not the case, we are re-launching the project itself and as such need to ensure is longevity.

We have had a ton of requests from people who want to help out but unfortunately haven’t received any from coders so  had to get sponsors on board to help with our development costs in order to keep Jahshaka 3.0 free. We now have everything in place that we needed to re-launch the project and as of today are working full-on on the 3.0 release and have a quarterly release schedule that we plan to stick to.

If you are serious and want to be involved then we would love to have you join the team where there are spots for everything from product architecture to testing, documentation and release packaging, but we plan to take our time and stick to our new development plan and strategy. We will  be launching a project management section on this site shortly to manage the development and release process, and you can follow this to see how things are going.

Good software isn’t written in a day, and we have a lot of work to do. If you have followed and read the development documents that have been posted you will have a good idea of what we are doing already. We will keep you updated on a  weekly basis and hope to have a 3.0 beta ready shortly.

Thank you,

The Jahshaka Team

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