What is a Virtual Reality without an outer space experience dropped into the mix? Less than awesome we would assume. At Jahshaka, awesomeness is a mantra and with that in mind we decided to create a Spaceship. We always keep you in mind when we create worlds and you were definitely in our thoughts during this process.

This scene is another Kamaal Manboard piece. The spaceship world is borderline vintage Sci-fi coupled with an extremely futuristic design.The Spaceship is ideal for the ultimate, outer space experience. It is equipped with state of the art gadgets, automated doors and a central control and navigation system.

The ship was designed to give you the ultimate freedom to pick apart and reassemble the scene to your liking. However, the scene isn’t just cool to play with but it’s also pretty nice to look at. The colors are bold. The neon orange and blue strike a contrast with the dark, emptiness of outer space. A view that can be seen through the expansive glass walls of the ship.

Why create a spaceship ?

“In all honesty, we are all passengers aboard the Jahshaka spaceship as it takes us where no man has ventured before… into Galaxies unexplored” – Manboard

And explore you must on this timeless vessel. You can add more assets to your ship, rearrange the layout and overall look and feel of the ship to your liking. That is pretty awesome if you asked me.

You can find this and other Jahshaka worlds on the Jahshaka website at jahfx.com. Visit the website, browse and download as many worlds as you like and have fun tinkering with them in the Jahshaka software.

For more information on Jahshaka, you can follow us on Twitter @jahshakafx and like us on Facebook at JahshakaFX

Click the link to download the Spaceship Scene


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