Today we will are taking a look into another world in the Jahshaka software. We want to introduce you to the Hillside Villa, created on our version 0.5.0-alpha

This Jahshaka world is a modern structure built with a sleek architectural design. The building is spacious, made of mostly concrete, glass and stone with a hint of wood, that adds to the moderne villa. Kamaal Manboard incorporated his architectural background in the holistic design of the villa scene. His vision started out with the need to keep with the times as most persons are now looking for modern designs in their homes.

“The Villa is a space that puts you in a homey environment. It reflects the ideal home for many. It pulls you into a world that transcends VR, and in tandem that is Jahshaka.” -Manboard

As with all things Manboard created, this scene was designed using Cinema 4D along with some Box Modeling techniques.

He brought back his tri-colour scheme with the use of brown, blue and grey. Although architecturally balanced; the glass wall, stone patio and the L-Shaped swimming pool are few of the striking features of the Villa. The water in the pool was created by one of our developers, Nicolas Brown.

“Jahshaka allows you to write custom shaders. It’s not very talked about, and we have plans to move to a node graph-based shader system in a future release. The water shader is pretty simple and can be found in a few last-gen games. The technique is done by mixing two scrolling normal maps and making the object transparent. I did it using one normal map and sampling it twice at different intervals.” -Brown

A fact that you might find shocking is that the best part of the scene is not the design. How can this be? Well that is the truth. The best part of this and any Jahshaka scene you may encounter is the freedom it gives you to pull them a part and build it back up again.

You can find this and other Jahshaka worlds on the Jahshaka website at Visit the website, browse and download as many worlds as you like and have fun tinkering with them in the Jahshaka software.

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Click the link to download the Hillside Villa World

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