The Jahshaka Developers are eager to create amazing new scenes for you to enjoy. We have completed four worlds so far that you can download from our official website, In this article, we will be exploring the Floor Temple worlds and get a look at what happened behind the scenes while making it. The Temple was the very first worlds created in jahshaka on our version 0.4.0-alpha.

The Floor Temple is a mount situated in the center of an elevated concrete island. The dark-grey rocky-like structure, resembles that of a mountain peak and is surrounded by three neon blue rings. Floating above the rocky peak, is a cluster of orange orbs that vary in sizes. Buoyed on a clear body of water, the Temple is secured in a dome-like casing made of metal and glass, set against a backdrop of sky and mountainous terrain. It was designed by our 3D Artist, Kamaal Manboard.

Manboard reflects on the process of making the Floor Temple and dubs it “organic and futuristic.” From the start he knew what he wanted to create. He Incorporated some Box Modeling techniques along with the use of Cinema 4D in this and other designs in the software.

What was the vision behind the Temple ?

“I wanted something that came off as organic, the mountains. I also wanted to create something that had a hint of science mixed with some spiritual vibrations. And in the end, the Floor Temple is what I came up with” -Manboard

You can find this and other Jahshaka worlds on the Jahshaka website at Visit the website, browse and download as many worlds as you like and have fun tinkering with them in the Jahshaka software.

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Click the following link to download the Floor Temple World

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