We are eager to let you in on what’s new here at Jahshaka. We have been doing so much to improve our application, and what better way to highlight these improvements if not with a new scene?

The Lobby scene is our latest scene available as a free download, and it embodies some of the new features in the application.

When asked about the concept behind this scene, our lead 3D Designer, Kamaal Manboard, stated, “The scene was designed to highlight the software’s ability to turn off backface culling on mesh’s so the plants will be solid from different angles. It also features our new shader system which can create animated materials like rippling water. “

What are the key features?

One of the major eye catchers in this new world is the courtyard’s water garden. We incorporated Jahshaka’s latest Nature Pack 1 to make the garden. A variety of plants, grass, and rocks make up the Pack. Download the Nature Pack 1 from our website’s model’s page or by clicking the Nature Pack 1 tag.

How did we make this scene?

We modeled the scene in Cinema 4D, textured it with Photoshop and assembled it in Jahshaka. The overall look is a sleek modern open space and glass theme balanced by the garden and complemented with polish marble.

Click Here to download the Lobby Scene.

That’s all for now with this scene. Go to our downloads section to view and download more virtual worlds, assets and materials. Keep updated with all things Jahshaka by visiting our website’s news section. And for more information on Jahshaka, you can follow us on Twitter @jahshakafx and like us on Facebook at Jahshakafx.

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