Spent the sunday going over all the files and docs that were left over from the years of Jahshaka development to get things organzied and see what we have. Lots of amazing stuff and a great walk down memory lane. Even found our first release post from March 2001!!! Man I was writing some serious code back in them days haha

2001-03-31 Open Source Effects System

Jahshaka, the first open source system with the promise to compete with Discreet, Avid and Quantel has moved out of planning and into the pre-alpha stage le viagra fr.

Jahshaka is a OpenGL based video and film compositing, editing, special fx, image processing, paint and CG application that renders totally in hardware, giving users the speed and power previously attainable only on hundred thousand dollar systems.

Jahshaka currently runs on Linux and Irix, is multiprocessor capable, and will run over a network, allowing for a single server to host multiple concurrent sessions, while using the local OpenGL card to render – something even the big boys cant do.

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