JahFX is your source of premium virtual reality content for use with Jahshaka Studio in creating your worlds and scenes. Our goal is to build a marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade assets that can be used to build virtual worlds within the Jahshaka application.

JahFX is download only to start, and will are constantly publishing free worlds and assets that you can download and use. We are focused on integrating the site directly into the application, so you can sync your models and assets for easy access. Our goal is to allow you to publish and share your worlds in full VR once the Jahshaka application has reached its final release.

Free Downloads

JahFX is loaded with cool scenes that you can download, modify and change as you see fit.  It is also filled with tons of great models and materials that you can use to being your scenes to life.

Access to pre-built content and libraries of scenes and assets

Lots of materials and effects that you can download and apply to models and scenes

Building Virtual Worlds

The freedom to create content on your system of your choice, and the ability to easily publish both online and offline.

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