Skull Island free download


Our latest free download is available on JahFX! Skull Island is a mysterious and dangerous island hidden in the Bermuda triangle; loaded with riches and treasures left there by pirates who once roam the seas.

Download it now and try it out!

The Jahshaka Team


Some audio would really tip these scenes into another level.


yes the ability to even just add a audio loop via the animation widget would be great


The scenes just keeps getting better and better, can’t wait to see whats next!


Great scene, I see improvement on texture quality. Nice use of the particle system, would be great to have scrolling textures and dynamic flow maps.


Scenes keep improving. I’m going to add vertex displacement to the water shader to add a bit more realism.


Great scene, a little audio with some slight movements of the trees and boat would bring a bit more realism.


Awesome scene, great textures


Great scene, was a little hard to navigate to explore the surrounding area in the player. Would like to see Jahshaka optimized for smoother running on more of the lower-end to mid-range performance PCs.

In fact, it would really help to have a System Requirements dossier published with the application’s release candidates indicating the Minimum and Recommended hardware and software requirements per target platform.


awesome scene, saw this world with the oculus was pretty cool


Good idea, we’ll do that for the next release.


need audio loops guys


Amazing. Such great details, i can’t wait to see whats next.