Jahshaka 0.7.0 alpha release


Jahshaka Studio v0.7.0 is now out, with lots of great new features. The hot items are a physics engine integrated into worlds and scenes, crypto currency mining, multi dimensional assets and displacement shaders. We have also released our first standalone VR player meant to allow end users to easily view and explore the content you create.

Download binaries for Windows and Mac, and we now build on the top linux distributions using default libraries.


The physics engine, based on bullet, will be integrated into all new scenes and we are working hard on adding defaults to objects to make it as easy to use as possible.

With our integrated mining, you can set set your workstation to mine crypto currencies based on the cryptoknight algorithm when you are not using it for creation on exploration.

There have also been major update to the core Iris GL engine that greatly increase the framerate when cruising in VR, we have added support for multi-object assets so assets can now be detailed and engaging not just static 3d models, and displacement shaders to add motion effects to materials.

We are working on 0.7.1 which will be the official release in the V7 branch, as we have found a few minor issues in 0.7.0 since gettig the binaries out, however please download and try it out and help us streamline it as much as possible.

The Jahshaka Team


I love messing around with the physics


Great update, love the new physics engine


A little more polishing and some more features and we’re getting there.


I agree with @NicolasBrown. Physics is fun to play with, cant wait to see whats next!


Amazing release. I love that the features are improved.