Jahshaka 0.6.0 Alpha Release


The industry leading VR authoring toolkit, Jahshaka, has released version 0.6.0 alpha which includes a major overhaul of its asset and material frameworks. It sets a solid foundation for the way we store and share models moving ahead, and brings support for a wide variety of assets, materials and effects. It also comes with a cool new Jahshaka logo!


The underlying code has been cleaned up significantly and as a result the application is a lot more stable across the Desktop, Editor, Player and Asset Manager and includes a host of new features and expanded functionality.

You can read the full release notes on the Jahshaka website here

Download Jahshaka

You can download Jahshaka for both Windows and OsX via the links below.

Jahshaka 0.6.0 Alpha for Windows

Jahshaka 0.6.0 Alpha for OsX

You can also fork Jahshaka and build it on the latest Linux operating systems over at gitHub.

Please leave us your feedback in this thread so we can help you out, fix any issues and add new features as we work on 0.7.0

The Jahshaka Development Team


This release has been a long time in the works, overall a bunch of new features, lots of issues fixed and new assets to play with, happy it’s out and looking forward to the next one.


I’m glad this release is finally out. Now i can easily share assets with others.


Great update guys.
I love the ease of use with this application, especially the user interface! I think orienting the user is one major aspect of any application and you guys got that down. loving Jahshaka!


Great job guys, this release has some great improvements, but 1 or 2 bugs to be fixed, overall its looking great. looking forward to see whats next.


Great update, love the new feature updates and assets


Just a update a 0.6.1 build has been pushed that fixes issues importing some worlds and scenes


This software tool seeks to provide a rich, yet easy-to-use GUI that is comfortable to use, which a downfall of the other over-complicated modelling and animation studios out there.