Jahshaka 0.5.0 release


We have a release candidate for our new 0.5.0 release available now for both Windows and OsX

the source code will also build on Linux (we have tested on Ubuntu)

Please feel free to try it out and let us know if you have any issues getting it up and running!

The Jahshaka Development Team


Awesome!!! :smile: love the new features.


Glad to finally see this out for people to play with. There were lots of incremental changes and features added and the app is a lot more stable and faster than releases prior.


please post any feedback - if there are no major issues we can push this out to the public !


Everything is so smooth. Congratulations on the new release.


Nice installed on Windows 10, runs really smooth and pretty fast. Great Job Jahshaka!


Works great and smooth on windows, awesome work


works great on mac! downloaded the new worlds and ran smoothly


it crashed on one of the sample worlds


It crashed on two of the sample worlds


What are your cpu/gpu specs?


i5-4570R , integrated graphics


Installed on my mac and it works perfectly


what operating system ?


Installed new version on windows and it runs smoothly and I love the added features.


Tested on MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Pro. No issues so far. Things also feel faster and more snappy. Good stuff :+1:


Ran smoothly. Great Release.


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havent gotten a crash in this release so far, the auto save is a great feature