New Jahshaka Website

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.34.17

Pleased to say that we have launched the new Jahshaka website! Not only nice to look at, and very functional (tutorials sections etc) it has a great forum that uses single sign on to allow us to re-build our community without having to worry about spammers killing the site (what used to happen!) Take a look and let us know what you think at

Back in the game

Jahshaka is finally back in the game, and hopefully big things will be happening here. Since there have been a few attempts to re-start the project and never made it there, I have started a blog so you can follow whats happening. The blog will let you know why I am bringing it back, what we will be doing and where its going. Just click on the blog link in the header and follow us, and be a part of the team.

Open source project management

As a part of kicking off our development, we started using a basic project management system thats built into wordpress however it lacks 99% of the functionality that we really need for distributed project planning, management and development. If any one can weigh in on options here for a underlying project management system thats free for OSS developers, open/transparent for users and easy to use at the same time we would love to know!

Jahshaka Project Relaunched

Just a update to say that we have been working on getting everything in place that we need to re-launch the project successfully and its taken a bit longer than expected (but not that much longer) as it is a pretty large undertaking. Some of you may have understood that as re-releasing the software but that is not the case, we are re-launching the project itself and as such need to ensure is longevity. We have had a ton of requests from people who want to help out but unfortunately haven’t received any from coders so¬† had to get sponsors […]

Y Combinator Wants To Kill Hollywood

Hollywood appears to have peaked. If it were an ordinary industry (film cameras, say, or typewriters), it could look forward to a couple decades of peaceful decline. But this is not an ordinary industry. The people who run it are so mean and so politically connected that they could do a lot of damage to civil liberties and the world economy on the way down. It would therefore be a good thing if competitors hastened their demise. How do you kill the movie and TV industries? Or more precisely (since at this level, technological progress is probably predetermined) what is […]

SOPA goes back to the drawing board!

SOPA has been sent back to the drawing board. ‘The move came shortly after the Senate postponed a key vote on the companion PIPA bill scheduled for next week and amid calls for consensus before Congress moves forward on any legislation to address the problem of foreign piracy websites,’ as written by the Los Angeles Times today. Hopefully the next draft of this bill will create a better foundation to stop piracy and not just assert control over the internet Jahshaka | ReInventing Hollywood

New Jahshaka logo


We just wanted to share the new Jahshaka logo and branding with you that will go out when we launch 3.0. Its a cooler, freasher logo and we think its awesome! Please let us know what you think! It was created by Neosims as a part of the Jashhaka 2.0 animation contest (you can see his animation here) Jahshaka | ReInventing Hollywood

JahTV platform soft launch

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 23.28.49

Just a heads up, we have a soft launch of JahTV online at JahTV will be a online promotional platform and will be linked to in the new Jahshaka releases. The idea is to create a easy way for people to publish and promote the content they create with Jahshaka and other open source content creation tools. JahTV is very simple and uses youtube for its back end, and is built on top of WordPress – open source supporting open source! Jahshaka | ReInventing Hollywood

Jahshaka 3.0 editor

editing for jahshaka

Heres the original design that was done up for the jahshaka 3.0 editor, it would be great to get your thoughts and feedback on it. The editor is avid styled but still fits in with the overall look and feel of jahshaka 3.0 and will have smooth integration with the desktop and media management system. We are working on the designs for the 3d node based compositor which will be last to go up as they need a lot of work. As always, your feedback is priceless so let us hear what you think! Jahshaka | ReInventing Hollywood

Core Jahshaka development


We found another powerpoint breaking down the development plans to move from jahplayer into jahshaka 3.0 with a intermediary release as a DI solution along the way. We have cleaned it up a bit to meet our anticipated timelines and have re-posted it here. jahshaka development roadmap This development strategy allows us to rapidly build on top of the current jahplayer release and jahshaka core framework to rapidly deliver jahshaka 3.0. Your thoughts, ideas and feedback would be much appreciated! Jahshaka | ReInventing Holywood