YouTube to rock Coachella with live-streamed VR videos

(EDITORS NOTE: Image taken using an in camera filter.)  during day 3 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 20, 2014 in Indio, California.

The tech world is obsessed with two things right now: virtual reality and live video. So why not combine them? That’s what YouTube is doing. The Google-owned video behemoth said Monday that it’s launching live streaming for so-called 360 videos, which let you look up, down and all round a scene. To kick things off, the site will live-stream a few performances from the Coachella music festival in Indio, California, this weekend. You can imagine the other possibilities: basketball games, conferences and maybe even a human birth? You’ll be able to watch the videos on a tablet, desktop computer or […]

Facebook Unveils Surround 360 Open 3D 360 Camera


At Facebook’s developer conference F8 in San Francisco today, the company have unveiled their latest push into the immersive, VR video arena – a rugged, production ready 360 3D camera and video stitching pipeline capable of 8k per eye spherical images. Facebook’s F8 conference kicks off today and the social media giant, and owner of Oculus, have once again demonstrated they have an eye on the future of immersive media by unveiling an “open”, professional grade 3D 360 video camera along with a stitching solution to match. The “high quality, production ready, 3D, 360 hardware and software video capture system” […]

Samsung is working on smart contact lenses


In an ever expanding universe of wearables, Samsung is doing its best to keep all bases covered. Today, the publication of a patent application shows the company is developing smart contact lenses. The patent application, filed in South Korea, shows a contact lens equipped with a tiny display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement and the most basic form of input using your eyes: blinking. The display projects images directly into the eye of the wearer. An external device, a smartphone, is needed for processing. According to the application, the primary reason for the development of […]

My three kids tried the Oculus Rift. Here’s what happened


“This is awesome!”, “Oooh, I like the ocean!”, “Can I have a second turn?” – Would you want to do this forever? “Yeah!” That’s how my three kids, ages 8, 7 and 5, reacted to their first experience with the Oculus Rift. When one of CNET’s virtual-reality experts needed a couch for the night, he brought the new headset for my family to try. Now I’m wondering if my kids will be the first generation of VR natives. Seeing their amazement and delight and listening to their giggles, I knew something special had happened. Nothing I’ve experienced in my three […]

Here come virtual-reality headsets – are they game changers?


The brakes have officially been released on the virtual-reality era. This week, Oculus’ $599 Rift headsets begin arriving on the doorsteps of consumers who pre-ordered the device in January. Two more high-end VR headsets are on the way, one from HTC and another from Sony, designed to work with the company’s PlayStation 4 home video game console. And it’s been hard to miss Samsung’s commercials for its midlevel, Oculus-powered Gear VR headset, endorsed by rapper Lil Wayne and compatible with some of its mobile devices. Then there’s the low-cost Google Cardboard, which works with most any smartphone. The race is […]

A 3D Fractal Artist Is Building an Interstellar Inspired VR World


Filmmaker Julius Horsthuis, the frequent explorer of fractalized caverns and endless alien planets, has begun a line of computer-generated experiments that could let us explore our own Interstellar-like multidimensional realities. His impressive series of sweeping fractal vistas, beginning with Geiger’s Nightmare nearly a year ago, has given him a wealth of knowledge about making gorgeous fractals. Now, he has channeled that experience into building Hallway 360VR, the first in a line of 360-degree virtual reality animations. Even though most of them came out months before Interstellar’s release, many of his animations remind us of a particular scene in the Christopher […]

Oculus VR goggles could change the future. Or not


The future of tech is here, and it may not be as much fun as you think. To join in, you’ll need to strap a black, 1.5-pound mask to your face so you can have an out-of-body-like experience that might make you nauseous. There’s also the chance you’ll trip on the 13-foot-long cord that connects the device to a PC. Once you put the headset on, it really can make you feel like you’re in a different place. You may be sitting in a chair at home, but through the headset — which is basically holding a computer screen inches […]

My favorite roller coaster now blasts off as a VR ride!


They’re always trying to mess with my childhood. After all, Monopoly is played with credit cards now, and penny sweets rarely cost a penny anymore. Nothing is sacred. The latest culprit is England’s Alton Towers, a theme park in Staffordshire and the thrill-filled playground of my formative years. The park has taken a ride called Air that I have known and loved for many years and given it a high-tech makeover by adding virtual reality. Now rebranded as the space-themed Galactica, it opened Thursday as the world’s first VR roller coaster. The UK is blessed with few real theme parks […]

Pornhub launches a new channel devoted to VR porn


Pornhub, one of the largest porn sites online, has just launched a new section devoted to VR porn. The company is partnering with virtual porn purveyors BaDoinkVR to showcase premium VR content for the site’s 60 million daily visitors. “Virtual reality is the next phase in the constantly metamorphosing world of adult entertainment, and will provide users with a mesmeric experience unlike anything they’ve seen before,” said Pornhub VP Corey Price in a statement. “Now, our users are not only able to view our content, but be protagonists in the experience and interact with their favorite porn stars.” “VIRTUAL REALITY […]

PlayStation is late to the VR party but may win anyways


With virtual reality heating up in 2016, Sony this week revealed more about its plans to come out with its own VR headset. The PlayStation VR, which will cost $399 and come out in October, will hit the market later than VR headsets from HTC and Facebook’s Oculus. But folks may think the wait is worth it. While the other headsets need a pricey desktop computer to work, the PlayStation headset can be used on the PlayStation 4 gaming console, a device millions of folks already have, so the PlayStation VR might prove a more popular option. Keep swiping that […]